To Whom It May Concern

  My name is John R Bicknese, and I have been with Progressive for at least ten to fifteen years.
  Through the years, I have paid a little more on my policies, but I think the service provided by Progressive has been worth the additional expense.
  Progressive has always been prompt, and I have grown to expect no less.

  I would like to share a short story that may show an exception, and let the people of Progressive know just what kind of people they have working for them.

  Every vehicle that I own is insured with Progressive.
  All of my insurance has been handled by Mixon Ins. Agency, in East St. Louis, for over twenty years.
Through these years, Bill, and Linda Mixon have worked hard for my betterment.
They do know programs, and what will best fit the case at hand.

On with my story
On Jan 9th, 2009, our most prized position, a 2003 Winabago, was totally burned.
I can not describe the pride taken by, not only myself, but, my children, and grand children, and all of their personal touches, they had put in our motor home.
I can honestly say that I have learned a whole new meaning to the word devastation.

 12.05 PM My wife and I were eating lunch in town when I got the call from a neighbor.
                    We immediately, called 911 to verify that help was on the way, and to verify
                     That it was really happening.
12.30 PM    We followed the fire trucks into our Subdivision, and saw the fire.
                     With sinking hearts, we watched the men do their work.
12.55 PM   As the fire was drawing to a close, I made the call to Mixon Ins. to report the
                   Loss, and to share the news with the friends we had come to know so well.
1.30 PM     The fire was out, and the firemen were putting equipment away, and starting
                   All of the paper work involved.
                   I received a call from Mixon agency, and given the claim # 093 001 072
                   Mr. Mixon, said, that some one from Progressive would be contacting me.
2.35 PM     I received a call from Mr. Charles (Chip) Oddo, a claims person with
                   At that time, I was doing my best to console my wife, and to maintain,
                   Myself, after what had happened. I am not sure of our conversation.
3.30 PM     The firemen were leaving.
                   MR. Oddo pulled up, and introduced himself.
                   For the next one, to two hours, He spent, talking to people in the area, looking 
                   At the scene, and a lot of time on his computer.
5.00   PM   At this time, in my opinion, Mr. Oddo had his thought lines together.
                   I was explicitly explained on the business side, of what would happen.
                   What he said was to the point, and as it turns out, Very accurate.
                    What the man did then, matters more to me than anything.
                   He took the time to console, and explain things to my wife, who was still in
                   SHELL SHOCK.
                   The man did everything,  but give her a hug, and shed a tear with her.

The occurrence, was on Friday,  Jan. 9 th.
An investigator was here on Monday Jan. 12 th.
It is now Feb. 1

 In the period of time, Mr. Oddo, and Mixon Ins. Agency have put up with the following

   Sometimes, two to three phone call a day, with various questions.
   Personal contact with my financial people, for consideration in my devastation.
   In three weeks time, Progressive has made all investigations, done the paper work, and
   Made settlement.

  In today’s times, life in general, is very hard.
I envy the commitment that your people have for your company.

                                      Yours Truly

                                       John R Bicknese
                                       47 Harbor Dr.
                                        St. Charles Mo. 63301

                                       636 250 4187