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March 16th, 2016 update:

Little John's 2016 Drag Boat Schedule, check back for updates.
Date Location Association Result
June 4th & 5th Kentucky Lake KDBA  
June 10th to 12th Wheatland MO KDBA  
July 2nd & 3rd Kentucky Lake KDBA  
August 6th & 7th Kentucky Lake KDBA  
July 15th to 17th at Augusta GA is not on our schedule at this time
August 27th & 28th Kentucky Lake KDBA  
September 2nd to 4th Wheatland MO KDBA  
September 17th & 18th New Athens IL KDBA  

Couple of pics of "Kwitchabitchin" at Wheatland in 2016

Wheatland 2016

Wheatland 2016

September 22nd, 2015 update:

Little Johns Motorsports "Kwitchabitchin" is the 2015 Points Champion in Top Eliminator of the Kentucky Drag Boat Association!

LJ and Brandon with the 2015 Kaskaskia poster featuring Kwitchabitchin
LJ and Brandon with the 2015 Kaskaskia poster featuring Kwitchabitchin


February 3rd, 2014 update:

New Athens 2014

The Little John’s Motorsports team has been busy this winter attending drag boat association awards banquets and picking up their well-earned hardware and accolades.  After watching the New England Patriots win yet another Super Bowl, the word “dynasty” has been mentioned in many conversations.  It has been described that a sports dynasty occurs when a team displays a consistent level of dominance over the course of a consecutive number of years.  I’m sure people have read updates about the Kwitchabitchin team for several years now on, but I’m not sure if anyone realizes that this team is quietly becoming a dynasty within their own modest sport.  And even more impressive, they’ve accomplished this with different “quarterbacks”.  Technical leadership, and the commitment to equipment safety and maintenance have been keys to the consistency and success of the Kwitchabitchin boat.  The team since owned by John Bicknese has had three rookie drivers who each developed into champions in some of the most competitive classes in drag boat racing.

 Here is a list of drivers and their accomplishments for the Little John’s Motorsports team for the past several years:

 Ashly Ruf
2006: International Hot Boat Association Division 2 High Points Champion. (Jet Ski)
2007: Kentucky Drag Boat Association High Points Champion, Saint Louis Drag Boat Association 3rd Place. Inspiring Young Driver Of The Year.
2008: Saint Louis Drag Boat Association High Points Runner Up, Kentucky Drag Boat Association 3rd Place.
2009: Saint Louis Drag Boat Association High Points Champion, Lucas Oil IHBA Division 3 High Points Runner Up

 Randy Bicknese
2010: Saint Louis Drag Boat Association Rookie of the Year
2011: Lucas Oil Division 3 National High Points Runner Up, Kentucky Drag Boat Association High Points Champion, Saint Louis Drag Boat Association High Points Champion
2012: Lucas Oil Division 3 National High Points Champion, Kentucky Drag Boat Association High Points Champion, Saint Louis Drag Boat Association High Points Champion

 John Morris
2013: Rookie season
2014: Lucas Oil Division 3 National High Points Champion, Kentucky Drag Boat Association High Points Champion, Saint Louis Drag Boat Association High Points Champion, Kentucky Drag Boat Association Driver of the Year

 Winning 11 high points championships over eight consecutive seasons using three different drivers in the same boat is unheard of in drag boat racing.  Another hard working crew member, Brandon Hampel, will get his well-earned opportunity in the driver’s seat of Kwitchabitchin for the 2015 season. Introducing the thrill of racing and developing new talent is the key to keeping the sport alive and growing.  Congratulations to Little John and the team for their continued dominance and commitment to the sport of drag boat racing! 

September 16th, 2014 update:

1/4 mile drag boat racing team! 2014 Top Eliminator in 3 circuits!

Little Johns Motorsports team

Little Johns Motor Sports ends the year taking home 3 championships in the Top Eliminator Class
Kentucky Drag Boat Association High Points Champion
St. Louis Drag Boat Association High Points Champion
Lucas Oil Division 3 High Points Champion
We also won 3 $$$ Outlaw Gambler Races
Awards will be presented in Las Vegas in January, getting head count together.
The whole team would like to thank our supporters and sponsors,
Lady Di, Scoundrel, JB Fence, Guard Specialists,, and The Slippery Hog.
Little John

June 16th, 2014 update:

Little Johns wins at Wheatland!


June 10th, 2014 update:

It was a fantastic weekend for the Kwitchabitchin team in Kentucky Lake this past weekend! In addition to the traditional class races, the Kentucky Drag Boat Association hosted a Gambler cash race which enticed several new boats and brought the count up to over 35 competitors for the weekend. The Little John’s Motorsports boat was tuned almost perfectly with consistent times and the team had full control of the setup throughout the changing weather conditions on Saturday and Sunday. No other competitor could match our 9.00x and 9.0x second times in the Top Eliminator 9.000 second class, let alone the entire field. Driver John Morris also had outstanding reaction times, never red-lighting, and came up with a handful of “0 lights”. The perfect combination of a great boat and great starts made the team simply unbeatable. On Saturday, the team captured the Number 1 Qualifier position out of 11 boats for the TE class which gave John a bye in the first round of Sunday’s bracket. The racing was relentless on Sunday as the team kept turning the boat round after round after round. The class race and the gambler race coincided so when one race was over, with a victory, the crew jumped into action to get it ready for the next matchup. In fact the boat ramp became our pit for the last 4 races as there were only a few minutes to fuel the boat, get some H2O in John, and get them back in the water. Spectators and fellow racers shook their heads in disbelief thinking there’s no way we could keep it up and stay prefect on our number. Only great preparation and teamwork gets you through demanding situations and perfect is what the guys delivered, capturing the big Gambler cash race after several rounds of the double elimination challenge. Perhaps the most anticipated race of the entire weekend was the semifinal for the TE class which paired the Kwitchabitchin boat against our toughest rival and last year’s Lucas Oil Division 3 National champ, Kelvin Perkins. Kelvin had a win streak of at least 5 Kentucky Lake wins going. But when it mattered most, John stepped up his game with a 0.025 light getting a huge jump on his competitor which forced Kelvin to try to chase John down causing him to breakout. John then coasted through the final and captured the TE trophy with a 9.03 time. The two wins were a huge boost for the Little John’s Motorsports team and puts them in a great position as they head to Wheatland, MO for the Lucas Oil National race this coming weekend, June 13, 14, & 15. This race, just a few hours from St. Louis, is at the Lucas Oil Speedway and will feature Hydro-Fueled boats that go over 250 mph! It will be an exciting weekend as the team tries to pull off another victory!

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