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December 27th, 2008

Hi All

Some of you have heard a little about our teams mystery project.
A few have figured out what it is that we are building.
Every year, about this time, we come up with some kind of project.
When work is slow, and money tight, with the times, we keep busy doing something.


A big problem that we have had, is that when we travel long distances, we haul as little as we can
to save fuel, but still have everything we need to do it right.

This means that, a lot of times we have to rent, or borrow, a tow vehicle to get in and out of the water.
With the help of MIDWEST AUTO RECYLERS, we have solved this problem.
They have given us a very nice car to cut up, and make a self powered trailer.
The first problem that we had, THE CAR WAS TOO NICE TO JUST CUT UP.

How can we keep the heat, air, stereo, great look, (not one dent) and still get it in the trailer???
This is where the VO comes in.

As you can see in the pictures (CLICK HERE FOR THE PICTURES), that we have taken in progress, the whole thing slides together, and will fit in the trailer.
With the push of a lever, the unit will slide apart, and make a comfortable, good looking ride around the track.

Just about all of the rough work is done, and we did a test ride to see if it would work.

Now, we are down to painting ( purple of course) putting interior back, and a lot of shiny stuff.

We now have a vehicle that can do anything we need around the track, OR MY WIFE TERRIE
can take the grand kids to church YEA WE DID GET MARRIED
We call this our wedding present to each other. (well kinda)

Seriously, A lot of people have helped us do a lot, to get where we are.
With out this help, we would not be here.
This year we are #2 in the nation, and Ashly is the youngest licensed PRO driver in the world.
If the economy permits CAN WE BE #1 ?????????

Thank you from the family and team of Little Johns Motorsports

December 20, 2008

Progress on the mystery project!


December 18th, 2008


Thanks to Sonny Robins, of Midwest Recyclers Inc. THEIR BUSINESS IS A WRECK
They are now one of our new sponsors.

I have enclosed pictures of the latest addition to our equipment.
If you are not sure where we are going with this, watch the website for updates

Little John


Click here for the Phoenix trip updates with pictures.

November 14th, 2008

Message from Little Johns friend and webmaster:

The Benefit for Little Johns Motorsports at Big Muddy on Wednesday, November 12th, 2008 was a HUGE success! The place was PACKED! Many thanks to the owners and staff of Big Muddy for setting it all up, Con Trios member Bill Kelley for all the coverage he gave it on his website, www.RiverBills.com and the Sharks Band for the great entertainment. Donations from all of Little John's friends was overwhelming. The Con Trios Yacht Club had an excellent showing! Donations from all of them and the "Pass the Hat" we had at the board meeting will help send the team to Phoenix and hopefully bring us home a WINNER! Good Luck to Ashly and the team. Little John said he will provide me with a full report on the Benefit and Phoenix trip when they return. The World Finals in Phoenix at Firebird International Raceway is November 20th thru the 23rd.

Follow up email from Little John:

What you have written is GREAT The only thing I would add, is the most heartfelt, sincere thank you I can muster up. Due to the graciousness of our friends, we have made a change in our plans. I was planning to leave by myself for the trip, with bare bone necessities to get by. We will now work late into the night getting the second rig ready. BUT, we are leaving for Phoenix with BOTH RIGS, all of our team and equipment. I have to get back to work and get out of here. I will check in with you daily, and send pictures if I can.
Thank You So Much
The Family And Team Of Little Johns Motorsports

September 20th, 2008

HI All
A short story about a great weekend that we had.
Around Woodland, and all the marinas in this area, we all know the people at the corner.
These people do have names, They are Jerry and Judy Bextermueller.
Jerry and Judy have countless times, given us a safe place to keep vehicles, a safe meeting
place off the road, and sometimes a message center for people coming in and out.
This has all happened through several floods, and each time we say thank you, and forget
about them until we need them again.  (sad isn't it)
In our conversations, I found out that they, and their family, are very involved in lawnmower
tractor pulling. They also do very well.
They told me that they had a big event at the Threshers Convention in Elsberry this weekend.
I also knew that we were home for a couple of weeks.
As a gesture of appreciation for all they have done, Little Johns Motorsports unloaded all of
our stuff, loaded four tractors, and their equipment, in our rig, and off we went to put on the best
show we knew how.
In a totally different world than we know, WE HAD A BALL.
The crowd was great, competition was tuff, and most of the pullers were a very young age.
Jerry's puller was entered in two weight classes.
He has two sons, one drove in each class.
They won the first class, with the smaller guy on the tractor.
The BIG guy in the heavier class, had the longest distance, but got sideways at the end, and was
disqualified.  (some said he was headed for the funnel cake booth)
I think he was beaten by a nine year old!!!!!!!!!
In closing, Little Johns Motorsports would like to sincerely say thank you, to the PANTHER 
PULLING TEAM, we really enjoyed it. 
If you are interested in what they do, stop by and look things over.


Click here to see some pictures of their tractors and the course.

 Little John

September 9th, 2008

Hi All
 A hard, but great week end in New Athens Ill.
After tuning problems in a new set up that we are using, we ended up qualifying
about 7th or 8th in a 16 boat field. on Sat.
We put that behind us, and went out on Sunday to take 3rd. place in the whole event.
After dealing with the flood (we are still not back in our house since June 18th)
The economy, and low sponsorship, money has been very tight.
We have also had three engines explode this season.
With two races to go, 1 is an outlaw race in Ark. 2ND IS THE WORLD FINALS
 I would also like to get back to safety for a moment.
Ashly was capsule certified this weekend.
This means that she has taken the first step to driving a 180mph boat.
What most people do not know,is the training, and safety equipment used, is unbelievable.
To do this, Ashly has taken a diving course.
The diving course is very helpful to get used to the breathing equipment used in a capsule boat.
BUT, by going on in the course, Ashly is qualified for search and rescue in an emergency.
She spent 15 to 20 minutes under water, locked in the capsule, learning the procedures
on a cold Sunday morning, before church services.
By looking at the pictures, you can see how this was done.
In our sport, about every team member is looking out for, not only their safety, but the safety and
enjoyment of the racers and spectators.
Our team wants to make sure that we do our part.
Little John

Click here to see a slideshow of Ashley's capsule certification.

August 30th, 2008

Hi All!
Another Friday Night Live Show On Friday Night.
The start of Labor Day Weekend, A huge tree fell across the road coming into Woodland Marina. ( no one in or out) THIS WAS A MISSION IN THE MAKING
As you can see, our first try did not go like I had hoped it would. After about 30 min. and a little cutting, the road was open.
(click on thumbnail to see full size picture)

The tree was in the exact spot that we sunk the tow truck during the flood (A possible warning there???)
Anyway, We are ready and geared up for our next race in New Athens Ill. next weekend Sept 6th and 7th. It is about 40 min south east of St. Louis. Come out and cheer us on.
Little John

August 13th, 2008

When you talk about team work, NO MATTER WHAT, This should do it.
As most know, Little John had a slight accident a couple weeks ago.
This entailed 8 stitches below the right eye.
With the busy schedule of getting a house back together,a shop back together,building a
motor, and then the travel time, there was no time in 8 or 9 days to get the stitches out.
Ashly and Keith decided it was time.
As the picture shows, Keith was holding the reluctant Little John down, and Ashly
 lj's stitches out
Back to business
 After several downfalls, our team is still #1 in IHBA
Our next race is Aug 23rd. and 24th in Litchfield Ill.
Our engine, boat, and team determination, is stronger than ever.
The support we had, from our home town crowd, was fantastic in Creve Coeur.
I think it really helped us win.
Litchfield is not far at all from St. Louis, and a very pretty lake.
Please come out, bring your family or group, and share in the fun.

August 11th, 2008

Ashley in "Kwitchabitchin" was #1 Qualifier in Top Eliminator at Livermore Kentucky in the Kentucky Drag Boat Association races on August 9th and 10th. After dropping a cylinder she still managed to take 3rd Place for the weekend. We are off next weekend, next race is August 23rd and 24th at Litchfield Illinois.

July 27th, 2008

Click here to see some photos of the house rebuilding after the flood.

July 23rd, 2008

A very bad weekend in Augusta After three days of intense racing, Ashly was in the Semi Finals IN TWO RACES This entails 12 passes, in full gear, at a temperature of 102 degrees. With no indication, the motor just exploded Thanks to Ashly's training, common sense, and our safety equipment, She and the boat are just fine. When Ashly knew something was very wrong, she pulled the emergency shut down, that turns off the fuel (about a gallon per second) and the ignition. This was not the fire and light show, that you see so many times, when things go wrong. Ashly and the boat are both cleaned up and looking fine. (10 QT of hot oil, and Methane alcohol) We were # 1 in the nation, and maybe made enough points to hold that for now. We have three weeks to be ready for our next race in Litchfield Ill. WE ARE NOT GOING TO STOP Click here to see a picture of what was left of the motor. Click here to see a picture of Terrie driving the 70 foot long rig. Terrie does so many things in the back ground, that no one knows about. I can not describe the pride that I have in our team. Click here to see some pictures from the Augusta Race.
Little John

Monday, June 29th, 2008

Ashley Ruf driving Kwitchabitchin finished in 3rd place at Kentucky Lake. The team is on the way back and has some repairs to do to the engine along with cleaning up after the flood waters recede from their homes. Congrats to Ashley on her good showing at Kentucky.

Saturday June 28th about 10 PM

Got some good news to report for the Little Johns Motorsports Drag Boat Race Team! While they are flooded out here at home they went to the Kentucky Drag Boat Association races on Kentucky Lake and Ashley and Kwitchabitchin are competing in two classes. Right now they are number one qualifier in the 9 second bracket and number two qualifier in the 8 second bracket!

Creve Coeur Boat Drags 2008 pictures and video are up, click here
Ashley and Kwitchabitchin took 1st Place in their class for the weekend!

June 27th, 2008 update from RiverBills.com

Hi Bill,

  I try to check in as best that I can, but its not easy.
We were so very happy with all the people that came to see us at Creve Coeur Races.  We did promise to put on a good show, Hopefully it was, at least, what they would expect from our team.

I would like to share a few things behind the scenes, that a lot of people don't know, and thank some others.  Most know that Keith, Myself, and our families, are flooded out ,and living in our motor homes for a while. Most did not know that we moved in at Creve Coeur early on Thurs, and did not move out until late Mon. because we really had nowhere to go with all of our equipment.

A special thanks goes out to

Dutch ,for the use of this lap top, and Internet access
St. Charles Boat And Motor, for the storage of the boat.
Lewis Boats, for a place to park our homes, at this time. WITH ELECTRIC
Our River Friends, who helped with our move out of our home and shop.
They also watch and handle problems, when I cant be there.


We are ready, and leaving on Fri. for another weekend of racing in Kentucky.
We will be racing in a faster class there (Ashly LOVES that)
Wish us luck, and I will get back when I can.

Little John

June 15th, 2008

Sorry we have not checked in for a while, but things have been crazy.
For the people that follow our team, our entire team is flooded out.
With the help of very dear friends, too many to name, we have moved out of our house today.
I would like to give a heartfelt THANK YOU to these folks, with out them we would lose everything.
Our shop is secure for at least another week, and it should all be over. (WE HOPE)

In regard to our racing
We took 2nd place two weeks ago in Poplar Bluff.
We took 3rd place a week ago in Kentucky.
The boat is in GREAT shape, and ready to go.
This next weekend (June 21st & 22nd), we will be at Creve Coeur Park.
With the flood, our money is tighter than ever.
With the flood, there is not much to do anyway.
If all of our friends come out, and buy one T shirt, it will make our expenses.
We PROMISE to put on a good show.
We take our racing very seriously, and a weekend away from the flood would do us all good.

Thank You
Little John

February 18th, 2008

Click here to read Patrick Pedersen's bio.  Patrick drives the boat "Sweet Emotion"

February 17th, 2008

Click here for some pics of "Sweet Emotion" the 2007 Division 3 Champion

February 13, 2008

Ashly keeping in shape for the upcoming season!

Little Johns Motorsports 2008 Season

Hi All

We are very happy in the results of our 2007 season.
We started making our plans for 2008 about six months ago, witch started with the St. Louis Boat Show.

At the show, we were able to visit, and get input from a lot of our friends, and followers.
For those of you that did not get our schedule for the 2008 season, here it is.



May 17th & 18th

Poplar Bluff, MO

June 7th & 8th

Kentucky Lake, KY (Pisgah Bay in the Land Between the Lakes)

June 21st & 22nd

St. Louis, MO (Creve Coeur Lake)

June 28th & 29th

Kentucky Lake, KY

July  12th. & 13th

Oklahoma City, OK

July 19th. & 20th

Augusta, GA

July  26th & 27th

Kentucky Lake, KY

August  16th & 17th

Livermore, KY

August 23rd & 24th

Litchfield, IL

September 6th & 7th

New Athens, IL

November 20th thru 23rd

World Finals in Phoenix Arizona

This years schedule is at least, if not more, aggressive than last year.
Two boats will be a hand full, but we have two champion boats on one team.

This brings me to the real point of this note.
If anyone out there knows of a possibility of corporate sponsorship, we have packets available.
We have a very good set of numbers, insurance documentation, and any information needed, to make some one proud.

But, with the economy today, we know large contributions, and advertising will be tough.
My conversations at the boat show brought a new idea to mind.
Our team does not need a large deal of money.
Our entry fees and fuel costs are our major expenses.

If you, your family, your small business, your church group, what ever, want to be a part of the fun, noise, and excitement of a normal weekend (to us) we can make that happen.

Thanks to our website, Riverbills.com, and the following of fans nation wide, we know people at every place we go.

Our Plan is this.
For the price of $400.00, when our team comes to your town, your group will be a week end sponsor of our team.
Your name will be announced each time the boat makes a pass. (at least 4 times a day)
You will be welcome to the pit area
We will have a place for your name, or banners, in the pit.
We will arrange for pictures for your home, or office.

Our pit is one of the most active on the circuit, A LOT OF FUN AND EXCITEMENT

If this is something that might work for your group, Please contact me at

The Family And Team Of Little Johns Motorsports


February 8th, 2008

Hi All
Our team traveled to Evansville Indiana last weekend to receive our award for 2007.
Ashly Ruf (our pilot) and Jordan Tiemann (our crew chief)

took HIGH POINTS CHAMPION in the Kentucky Drag Boat Association.
This weekend (Feb 9th and 10th) we will be at the St. Louis Boat & Sportshow in booth 910 (which is in the Dome) representing The St. Louis Drag Boat Association.
Please stop by and say Hi.
Little John

January 27th, 2008

New addition to the Little Johns Motorsports Team!


click on picture for full size photo

Hi All
The Family And Team Of Little Johns Motorsports proudly announces the addition of a second boat.
Pat Pederson, his wife Jeannie, family of Kevin, and Billy have joined our team for the 2008 season.
They reside in Mauk Ga.
The boat is High Points Champion in IHBA Div 3 River Racer
World Finals Runner Up
The boat is a 1984 Texas tunnel, with BIG Ford power, and deadly on its numbers.


People may wonder why we are doing this?
Several reasons are
  1. Travel time with all equipment is expensive  (equipment will probably be kept here)
  2. They have family and team spirit the same as ours.
  3. We now have two champion boats on one team
  4. With Ashly running in two classes with KWITCHABITCHIN, we can dominate THREE classes
On our daily routine, our team is spending this weekend, (very boring) cleaning and painting in
our trailer. Our equipment takes care of us, we need to take care of it.
We are also getting ready to go to Evansville Ind. next weekend. (like little kids on Christmas Eve)
We will be receiving our award for HIGH POINTS CHAMPION IN KDBA
I will try to get pictures and get back at that time
 Little John

January 20th, 2008

Hi All

Our team had a great time at the 2007 SLDBA Awards Banquet.
This is the association that we took third place for the year.
Ashly Ruf was also given an award that we did not expect.

(Click here to view the full size picture)

BUT, A closer look at the picture will show another winner in our family and team.
Jordan Tiemann, our CREW CHIEF, is holding a trophy for a Pinewood Derby entry.

(Click here to view Jordan's Racer!)

He ??? built a pinewood boat just like our real boat.
Jordan's trophy is for 3rd. place, Bears Den #10 Pack 964 Orchard Farm.

Even though we have one more banquet, for KDBA to attend, we are making plans for the 2008
This includes ADDING A SECOND BOAT, More info to follow.

The Family And Team Of Little Johns Motorsports