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2009 Drag Boat Racing updates:

Updated October 10, 2009

Took 1st AND 2nd Place!

We have just returned from a team outing and cookout at a car show in Wentzville.
I am not sure how it worked, but we won FIRST AND SECOND PLACE in the special interest category.
I think the LIMO took first, and the boat took second. Does not matter, we are proud.
NOW  The sun is shining, life is good, and we are on our way to Portage Des Sioux to party and spend the night.
 Lets see what we may do with OUR LADY OF THE SHRINE car show Sunday Oct. 11th (tommorrow)
Crowd participation is part of the vote,
Palisades Yacht Club, and Our Lady Of The Shrine really need all of our help to make everything work.
This event is also supporting a childrens cancer fund.
EVERYONE PLEASE try to get out and support something that really helps us all in the end.
OUR team is High Points Champion in St. Louis, and #2 in the nation
Your support for our team, and what we portray, can really help a lot of people.
BY the way, We did donate everything that we won today back to the school that sponsored the event.
With your help, and participation, we can win and do the same tomorrow.
Little John
PLEASE come out and help a very worthy cause

Little John

Updated September 29, 2009

Smokin' in the Cove, Lake Catherine Arkansas, 2009

2009 Smokin in the Cove on Lake Catherine in Arkansas. Little John's Motorsports was the #3 qualifier, with a 7.005 run. There were 27 boats in their class and only 16 get to qualify ! They ran on a 1000 ft track, 16th boat ran a 7.08. 135 boats at the race. Sunday Little John's Motorsports team ran too fast and broke out with a 6.96 and lost the race.

Updated September 24, 2009

Click here to see Ashly racing at "Smokin' in the Cove" 2009

Next Race is at Lake Catherine in Arkansas on September 25th, 26th and 27th
"Smokin' In The Cove"
Ashly took 4th place last year in the 7 second class!
Click here for more information


September 14, 2009

Click here for some pictures from the Livermoore and New Athens races.

Hi All

  It is Sunday night and we just got home.

  I am enclosing a picture of our new hauling rig.
With no funding to speak of, and a nasty season with all of the downfalls that we have had,


The boat was right, and Ashly did her job
Many of our river friends showed up to support us, and it all worked.

By the way, Ashly was dropped off, by the rig, at SLU Campus, for an early morning class.
I will get back when I can, when we all have had a little sleep.

                                                      Little John


August 24, 2009

Hi All

  Attached are some pictures of a great weekend of racing in Litchfield Ill.

Click HERE for the pictures from Litchfield.

Click HERE for some miscellaneous pictures LJ had in the camera.

  Ashly won the show  (that should put us back in first place)
  Kieth took 2nd place in his class  (his first time in a real race)


  It is 10.00 on Sunday night and we just got home.
 After all of our downfalls, and frustration, it would be great to celebrate

  As we speak, Ashly is on her way to SLU to her new dorm, for her first day
in college  tomorrow

My wife Terrie has to be at Orchard Farm School at 6.00 am at her job as school bus monitor.
Kieth has a full day at his job.
I have to get my two grandsons (Jordan and Casey) up and on the school bus.
The reason we have the boys right now, is because their mother is just coming home from  the
hospital with a  brand new 6 lb. BABY GIRL.
I also (luckily, in todays situation) have a full weeks work.

We have to get through this week, and be in Livermore Ky. by 8.00 am next Sat. To defend
our title there.

 I dont know how this is all going to work out, but as River Bill says

  I would like to thank all the people that came to Livermore, and cheer us on.
The support of our frends, not only make us want to try harder, but makes this all worth while.

                                             Little John


August 23, 2009

From Bill Kelley of

Little Johns Motorsports won at Litchfield.... Ashly won the field..... Kieth took 2nd place.   They are back in 1st place.  About 40 people from St louis showed up.
Congrats to Little Johns Motorsports !


August 21, 2009

Hi All,

 It has been a crazy couple of weeks.

Between a very hectic work schedule, finding engine parts, and getting ready for school,
We are going to be ready for the races in Litchfield Ill. this weekend.

The noise in Woodland late last night was the big motor in Ashlys KWITCHABITCHIN boat. The noise on the river early last Sunday was us tuning the boat that was Aslys 16th birthday present. The name on the boat is HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLY
Terrie calls it the ANGEL BOAT. Kieth Ruf (Ashlys dad) will be piloting the boat that we have been working on for two tears.

With these two boats, and our associate boat from Alabama, Little Johns will have boats running in three different classes this weekend.

River Bills, Contrios Yacht Club, and the many others that have helped us, WILL be WELL represented.

We are also setting up a grudge match between Ashly and her father.
This should be GREAT. BUT WHO DO I CHEER FOR????????

Lou Yeager Lake is a very nice facility, with a great swimming area for the kids.
All of ours will be there, and it is only about 65 miles from St. Louis.

For information you can go to
Click here: Litchfield Illinois Official City Web Site
or call 866 733 5833
Make it clear that you are with the racers, or Little Johns Motorsports, and there a few
rooms left at the Comfort Inn for $69.00
The Comfort Inn is the official race Headquarters. 217 324 9260

For those of you that enjoyed the races at Creve Cour, this weekend should be as good.
In the places that we go, our cheering section is better than any other.
This is frustrating to many of the other racers, BUT WE LOVE IT, and work hard to put on a good show.

Please try to get there if you can.

Little John



August 3, 2009

Hi All

It is 9.30 on Sun. night, and we just got home.
A very disappointing weekend, but we did what we had to do.
After the engine explosion in Augusta, we had to start all over.
I will be making payments for the next two years, but we have a brand new engine.
Our first pass was great, Ashly ran a 9.09, as it ended up we were #3 qualifier.
BUT, the engine was not right.
There are problems that we could not make right at the track, so the right thing to do was to drop out of the competition.
Even if we lose our #1 in points, I WILL NOT compromise and take the chance of getting Ashly hurt.
As it turns out, and as the races went, we might be third or fourth.
We can get that back with one more win.

A good friend, and competitor, in a faster class, felt sorry for Ashly, not being able to race.
His boat is deadly in the 8.00 second class.
He asked Ashly to make a pass in his boat so he could see it run.
She has the license to go faster yet, so that was no problem.
She ran a 7.83 at 160 MPH, and almost disqualified him for the weekend.

you CAN NOT go faster than 7.70 without being in a capsule.
YES we got yelled at again.
After we got through all that, we realized that Ashly weighs about 100Lb less than he.
In what we do, 100 Lb. is a big deal, and a lot of difference.
A capsule boat did run 9 MPH faster, BUT, this was the top speed this boat has ever ran.

If anyone gets by St. Charles Boat And Motor, where she works every day.
Look for her smile, Its going to take about a month to wipe that away.

We will easily be ready for the next race in Litchfield Ill. in two weeks.
Hope to see every one there.

Little John

July 22, 2009

Click here to see the blown engine from Kwitchabitchin after Augusta


  I apologize for not checking in, but, I had to take a deep breath and regroup.
We had a flawless trip to Augusta, good trip, no breakdowns, great weather.

  I had a real hard time dialing in for great numbers in teat and tune on Friday.
On Sat. I made some drastic changes, and some FATAL mistakes.

  REMEMBER, a perfect run is 9.000       A perfect reaction time is  0.000

  We ended up qualifying with a 9.090
On Sunday,Ashly won her first race with a 9.001, and a reaction time of  0.013
                  won her second race with a 9.009, and a reaction time of 0.071
In the third race, the other driver red lighted, and that disqualified him, and we automatically won.
Our engine is totally gone
Due to our safety equipment, and Ashly's common sense, She and the boat are ok.

  For the people out there that understand the power that we run, I will explain the fatal mistake.
In an unfamiliar altitude and density, I increased the timing, and fuel, to build power.
It worked, but we went from 9.203 to 8.88. that is to big of a spread to work with, in the time I had.
I dropped the gears to bring up power, but did not decrease the timing.
At 7400 RPM, I built a BOMB at 39 degrees timing. (as they say, don't try this at home)

I have no one to blame but myself, but that part of the adventure is OVER


  AS I was backing in the water,after the explosion, to get Ashly on the trailer, reverse went out in our new boat limo.
We cleaned Ashly, and the boat up, before returning to the pits.
We returned to the pits,with a smile on our face, and addressed a couple of hundred very concerned people.

We kept our smile, acted as it was no big deal, went to the banquet to celebrate to celebrate our friends victories,
and had a good evening.  SPEED SPORTS from St. Louis did win the Top Fuel Hydro (somewhere around 250 mph in 1/4 mile)

  Monday morning, we loaded up and tried to head for home.
We made it about 100 miles and blew both brand new tires on one side of the trailer. That took about four hours.
We then started having computer  problems with our brand new motorhome.
We stopped 50 or 60 times on our trip home.

  We arrived home at 12.00 on Tues.
We immediately pulled the boat motor, stripped it, and loaded the parts in the truck.
We then unloaded the boat from our new hauler, and took it to MIDWEST RECYCLERS who gave us the car
Sonny Robins, and the crew from Midwest, gave us a transmission.  (really tuff to argue about warranty here)

 We then took the motor home to SUNSET FORD for the necessary repairs.
A very special thanks to APACHE VILLAGE, and SUNSET for immediate service.

We have parts coming from all over the nation, and a lot of them are donated.

We have until Aug 1 to be on the track in Ky. Lake

We are #1 in KDBA
We are #2 in SLDBA
We are # 1, and # 2 in two divisions of IHBA  (THIS IS WHAT I AM TOLD, BUT NOT DOCUMENTED)
Ashly, and our team have worked way to hard to give up now, over my mistake.


Everything is as it can be at this moment.
Tomorrow, I have to get back to my real job until our parts get here.



July 19, 2009

Update from

Little John's Motorsports is Racing in Augusta Georgia
Little John called in Friday evening from Augusta, Georgia with the following update

  • Not a bad day !
  • Numbers aren't bad
  • Will probably have a late start on Saturday
  • A Little storm just came through
  • We are OK, equipment is OK, Life is Good, great crowd and good people !

Click here to read the article about Ashly in the Augusta Newspaper the Augusta Chronicle

Click here to read the article about Ashly and her dad on

July 12, 2009

Update via from Kentucky race:

Sunday Update:

Little John called in about 6:20 Sunday with the following update:
They Won Top ElimInator ! Running a 9.08, 9.03, 9.01 and a 9.06 !
They feel like drowned riverrats..drenched !
They are cleaning up and heading home.
They leave for Augusta on Wednesday !

Saturday update:

Little John called in from Kentucky Lake.... They are the number two qualifier and back on their numbers with times of 9.08 and a 9.06 ! It rained all day and qualifying didn't start until 3:00 PM, but they still got in 3 rounds. John says... The boat is great and so are we ! Life is Good !

July 6, 2009

Hi All

Our team paticipated in the Bridgton City Parade on July 4th We had a great time and on to a relaxing weekend at home.


Here is a few pictures, click on the thumbnails to see the full size.

Bridgeton Parade Bridgeton Parade
Bridgeton Parade

June 30, 2009


Pulled out of San Angelo Tx. at 7:00 last night
It is 11:15 Mon. morning, and we are home safe and sound
963 miles in 16 hours


June 29, 2009


  • Little John's Motorsports Racing Team went out in the 3rd round

  • Temperature 106 degrees.... Humidity 15%

  • Didn't break anything

  • Everyone is fine.....

June 28, 2009

Little John's Motorsport Racing Team Update

 Little John and his racing team are in St. Angelo, Texas for their second annual drag boat races this weekend.

Little John called in with the following update to River Bill of

  • 120 boats entered in the weekend's drag boat race

  • Standing room only crowd...  20,000 to 30,000 people in attendance

  • The place is crazy

  • Little John's Motorsports is in about 7th place ?

  • 20 boats in their class

  • The tow car is a big hit !

  • Boat is fine

  • Motor is fine

  • 106 degree

June 24, 2009

Hi All

After the overwhelming results from last weekend, I am so proud that our team was a part of it.
Even though we lost in the points race, we still gave the Texas crowd a spanking.

I wish I could express how it felt, to not be able to get to our rig, through all of the people.
Not only Con Trios, but all of our river friends.

I want to say THANK YOU, not only for coming and supporting our team. I think you
were all a part of a bigger thing.

The promoters of the race next weekend are paying our expenses to go to San Angelo, Texas.
They want to continue the grudge match between the little farm girl from Mo. and the BIG GUYS
from Texas.
Like All Star Wrestling, We are together every night, and are Dear Friends, but the crowd does
not know that.
Behind the scenes, a few were watching for trouble after the race, THAT WAS COOL.
We had dinner together that night, putting the plan together, and making arrangements.

We also have a business to run, and things to get done before leaving Thurs. night for a 15 hour ride.
I promise that our team will do the best we can to make you all proud.

I will get back when I can

Little John


March 12, 2009

The Mystery Project survived the first "Water Test"!

January 31, 2009

Letter to Progressive Insurance reference motorhome fire

January 19th, 2009

The "Mystery Project" is finished and on the road! Click here for the pictures.

January 10, 2009

The "Mystery Project" is coming along nicely, click here to see the pictures.

January 9, 2009

The motorhome caught fire, click here for LJ's email and pictures.

January 7, 2009

More photos of the Mystery Project added.

December 30, 2008

The Mystery Project is coming along nicely!


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