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Photo courtesy of David Judd of Judd's Custom Photos, 636-734-7742. To see some more examples of his work go to
Courtesy of Judds Custom Photos

January 22, 2011

2011 Drag Boat Schedule is up, click HERE to check it out!

January 17, 2011

Randy Bicknese of Little Johns Motorsports  Awarded Rookie Of The Year For 2010 in Drag Boat
Randy Bicknese of Little Johns Motorsports  Awarded Rookie Of The Year For 2010 in Drag Boat Racing.

September 27, 2010

Update from Little John's Daughter-in-Law Diane:

Well, Randy did awesome!!  This was a national race so there were 27 boats in his class compared to a normal 10-12 every other race.  All of the 27 boats ran on Friday and Saturday to fight for only 16 spots in the finals.  Randy fought hard and qualified at #13 out of the 16.  His qualifying run was a 7.05 which normally would be one of the top spots but EVERYONE had their boats tuned in great.  In fact, two of the boats ran perfect 7.000 and there were two more at 7.001 and 7.002.
Sunday was the final race day for the 16 boats that qualified.  Randy, being ranked #13, had to go against higher ranked boats each time.  In the first round he beat the #5 guy and in the quarterfinals he knocked out the #1 guy who ran the perfect 7.000 the previous day.  He then won the semi final heat and was into the finals.  He red lighted in the finals (went too early) but the guy who beat him had been quick on the clock with 0.01 to 0.05 reaction times so the only way Randy could win was if he took a chance at the starting line.  It didn’t work but he still took home the runner-up title and a nice check.  By the time the ceremony was over and we got everything loaded, it was late and we didn’t pull into Little John’s until 5:00 am this morning.
And today is just another day at the office…whew

Click HERE to see some pictures of the weekend.

September 13, 2010

Hi All

It is Sunday night about 10.00 and we just got home
Our weekend started Thurs. night with the show in St. Charles
We were overwhelmed with people and interest, it was great.
We loaded early Friday morning and left for New Athens, to get our normal spot in the pits.

It was a tuff weekend of racing.
We were on our number, but so was everyone else.
So everyone understands, 9.000 is a perfect run
On Saturday night, we ended up with a 9.003 to make us #1 qualifier.
We raced hard, and made it all the way to the finals.
In the finals, Tim Connelly, a good friend and great racer, ran a 9.001
Randy was one hundredth of a second faster between reaction time and the total race
It took a little while to see who did win

I am sending three pictures about what I thought was cool about the weekend.
ONE is what stress can be like.
Two what winning feels like
Three is how well Ashlys new team is coming together, and the boat is getting better.
I am still very proud of Ashly

This coming weekend is the car show at Polstar Marina
Our entire rig will be on display,and knowing Pete, it will be a class act.

On the next weekend , we can be a part of an invitational race in Melborn ARK.
It is the best of the best, and an outlaw race
NO POINTS, but worth a lot of money
We are working hard to get money together to make that trip
Entry fee has been paid, we just need fuel money to show
If any one can get involved, please do,

Little John

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July 12th, 2010

A tuff weekend, but being 6th qualifier with a 9.04 we fought it out.
We had no bye runs or legal singles, we had to race every race.
We went from rain to dust and then back to rain (that makes MUD)
We got done and loaded in a pouring rain, then leaving the track, we went through a drug and alcohol check point at KY lake dam
Thank goodness that no one on our team drinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Click HERE to see some pictures of the weekend.


June 22, 2010 - Added some pictures taken by Carolyn Schlueter sent courtesy of Bill Kelley of

June 21, 2010

Creve Coeur Drag Boat Races, June 19th & 20th 2010. Couple of pics, updates to follow:

2010 Drag Boat Race pictures on the Con Trios Yacht Club website


Little Johns updates for 2010

April 25th, 2010

Little Johns Motorsports drag boat racing update:

Hi All,
It's John from Little Johns Motorsports

It has been a while since we have checked in, but so many changes, and so much to arrange, the whole season is finally coming into place.

I would like to talk about Ashly Ruf.
Besides being High Points Champion in KDBA for 2008, High Points Champion in SLDBA for 2009, #2 in the nation for four years running and with all the work and traveling she has maintained a 4.0 grade average throughout her entire school history.
Now in College she is still maintaining a 4.0.
I know it was a hard decision for her but maintaining that grade point has to be her first priority.
Her schedule in school has to come before the boat at this time.
We are all very proud of her and will help in any way we can.
If she shows up at a race you can bet that she has her gear with her and will be in a boat.

At this time I would like to announce some of our changes.
Our driver for the 2010 season will be my son Randy Bicknese.
Everyone on the river knows Randy and the rest of you across the nation will recognize him from his presence in the pit at many of the races.

Our new race trailer is coming together very nicely.
With two levels in the trailer and a hoist everything we have can be hauled in one unit.
(Hopefully I do not mess up and tip it over)
Lettering for the trailer is being put together now and should make our sponsors proud.

We have new Tee shirts for the 2010 season and they are on their way.

I will wait until next update to announce our sponsors for 2010.
I want to recognize each one of them appropriately and not forget any of them.
With the tight economy and trying times these people are what make this operation work.
I do have to say that we might be internationally known.
One of our sponsors is from San Pedro Belize. They will be at the Creve Coeur race June 19th & 20th.

Check out our website,, for updates.

Thank You
Little John


January 31, 2010


I know I have not checked in for a while, but I was sick for a while, and a TUFF winter.
This winter has been extra long because our equipment is ready to go, and not much to repair.

Our team has spent several evenings helping our Crew Chief Jordan getting ready for his
Cub Scouts Pine Wood Derby.

Please do not take this lightly,  The top four cars were within three hundredths of a second.
If there is a place to race WE GO, even if it is for #1 pump at a gas station.

Jordans Pack 964 of Scout Troop Cobra Stripe, and their parents, had a GREAT DAY.
Jordan won 2nd. place in his class, and 4th. place in the whole program.
The crowd just keeps growing every year, and that is a wonderful thing.

Today, Jordan did his part to make Little Johns Motorsports stand proud.

 Little John

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