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August 29th, 2013

The Little John's Motorsports drag boat team was in Livermore, Kentucky racing on the Green River this past weekend. Driver John Morris posted excellent times in this KDBA / Lucas Oil Division III race dialing-in to within 0.005 seconds of a perfect reaction time and even followed that up with a 0.007 second green light. The Kwitchabitchin boat was performing great as well and the team qualified at 2nd position with a 9.02 sec E/T out of 11 Top Eliminator boats. It was in Sunday's elimination bracket rounds that John was near perfect on his reaction time at the start line but unfortunately it was 0.005 seconds too soon so he went out in round 1. This is a sport that is determined by thousandths of a second and therefore at almost every race the coordinators offer a "2nd chance" to the boats that got beat in the first round. Not wanting to pack it up and head home defeated, the team upped the ante for the opportunity to continue racing in the 2nd Chance Class. And it sure paid off! John went on to successfully race 4 more rounds and won the 2nd Chance! This first victory for John is a testament to hard work and perseverance of the entire team. The guys now have a confidence boost and are super excited for the next race over Labor Day weekend, August 30 - September 1 as the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series returns to Wheatland, Missouri. This show of intense speed features Top Fuel Hydros that race in excess of 250 MPH! The power you feel from these boats is indescribable and definitely worth the ride to Wheatland. Come see Little John's Kwitchabitchin team in the pits if you attend this event. Admission also includes dirt track racing at the same Lucas Oil complex Saturday evening with the Lucas Oil MLRA Dirt Late Model Fall Shootout along with the Pitts Homes USRA Modifieds. Good luck team!



August 22nd, 2013

The race season is going smoothly for the Little John's Motorsport's Kwitchabitchin drag boat team.  Rookie driver John Morris continues to gain experience behind the wheel and is putting up veteran caliber numbers.  At the last race in Kentucky Lake, John ended up as the Number 1 Qualifier out of 10 boats in the Top Eliminator 9.0 second class.  He had the best run during Saturday's qualifying rounds with a 9.004 sec time and a very respectable 0.061 sec reaction time.  He went on to battle three rounds on Sunday and continued to put up 0.0xx sec reaction starts.  He eventually was beat in the semi-final round to a driver that had a 0.01 second starting time.  That's just plain tough to beat no matter how much experience you have!  So the team is extremely pleased with John's performance so far this season and they are looking forward to this weekend's race in Livermore, KY (Aug 24 & 25).  Little John, John, and new crew member / tow driver Brandon are looking forward to the competition and hope to bring home a winner!  Good luck guys and keep up the good work!




July 11th, 2013

Kentucky Race update:

Attached are some photos from last weekend’s race at Kentucky Lake. Crewmember John Morris was the Kwitchabitchin driver for this first race of the season for the team. He’s been helping out with the Little John’s Motorsports drag boat team for the past three seasons and has earned the opportunity to have a turn in the driver’s seat. John had a good first day on Saturday and qualified #3 with a 9.03 time in the Top Eliminator 9 second class. He then won his 1st round race on Sunday for his first ever bracket elimination head to head win. The team lost in the semifinal round but did so with the boat performing extremely well , leaving with nothing broken and a confident feeling that things will go smoothly this season! With more experience behind the wheel to practice the important reaction starts, John will soon prove to be a tough competitor in the class. We had a great crowd of family and friends supporting the whole Kwitchabitchin team and we are looking forward to the next race!

Click on the thumbnails below for full size pictures:

February 5th, 2013

The Kwitchabitchin drag boat race team was in Evansville, Indiana for the Kentucky Drag Boat Association awards banquet this past weekend.  Once again, driver Randy Bicknese was presented with the High Points Championship for the Top Eliminator 9-second class.  The team received an impressive trophy, taller than Hayden, and stylish championship race jackets.  This is a class organization with fantastic leadership and great members so it was a truly enjoyable trip and banquet.  It takes a talented, dedicated team to be so consistently successful.  The crew and our valuable friends continue to work hard and provide support to keep the team on top!  In the photos are Little John, Randy, John Morris, Dutch Hauhe, Tim Tighe, and Hayden wearing their championship jackets, and a special hat for Hayden, in front of the trophy.  Great job guys!!

KDBA Champions

KDBA Champions

January 22nd, 2013

The Little John's Motorsports drag boat team spent the last couple of weekends attending awards banquets honoring our 2012 season accomplishments. Driver Randy Bicknese captured three High Points Championship titles. It was a true team effort this season as Randy, Little John, Dutch Hauhe, and John Morris dedicated so much time and effort to battle back from engine and boat hull issues at the beginning of the season.
The first ceremony was in Las Vegas where the Kwitchabitchin team was recognized as the Lucas Oil Division III Top Eliminator national champion. It was a special event where Randy accepted his championship ring in front of great friends that traveled to Vegas with us.
This past Saturday was the St. Louis Drag Boat Association awards banquet and the Kentucky Drag Boat Association will have theirs in the next few weeks where, once again, the team will be recognized as the 9-second class champion.
The Kwitchabitchin boat is undoubtably one of the best performing, most consistent boats in the nation. Special thanks to Dutch who supports the team to do whatever it takes to make the equipment as successful and as safe as possible. This special trust allows us to showcase our talents to the drag boat nation.
Bill, we appreciate the coverage and support you continue to provide Little John's Motorsports on I'll keep you posted about the upcoming 2013 season.



September 17th, 2012

Little John’s Motorsports clinches the Lucas Oil Division 3 National Championship!

The Kwitchabitchin team got the job done in New Athens this past weekend!  Randy Bicknese clinched his first National Championship in the Top Eliminator class for division 3 of the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series.  Randy also clinched the High Points Championship for both the Kentucky Drag Boat Association and the St. Louis Drag Boat Association, backing up his 2011 titles.  The boat was dialed-in all weekend and ran the four best times of the Top Eliminator class qualifying rounds on Saturday.  For one of those passes, the Kwitchabitchin boat was driven by crew member and backup driver John Morris.   On just his 2nd turn in the seat this season, John kept the domination going with a great 9.035 pass.

During the first round of bracket elimination races on Sunday, Randy beat the #10 qualifying boat and the title was clinched as the only boat that could catch him for the championship lost in that first round.  Randy went two more rounds and finished the race in 3rd place.

What a great end to a season that started with a blown engine and a hole in the hull that required a major fiberglass repair.  Thank you again to JD and the Port Charles crew for the awesome bottom repair. The boat ran true all season. Thank you to Todd's Machine for the quick engine turn around after the first race, it was strong all season, and thank you to for the support and coverage!  Way to turn things around team and congratulations on the championships!

new athens

new athens

September 9th, 2012

Kwitchabitchin wins in Hamilton, OH at the inaugural Great Miami River Days festival! What a fun weekend at this new venue! Randy Bicknese was on his game and was cutting starting lights close to perfect including a 0.008, 0.010 and then a 0.025 sec reaction time in a tight and exciting semifinal round. On Sunday, the Little John's Motorsport's crew had the boat dialed in and was schooling the competition with outstanding passes ranging from 9.003 to 9.05 seconds. It will be a long 7 hour drive back home tonight but it's been a great adventure! Great friends, riverfront bowling alley, flat bread pizza, wedding party, table full of captains, unused hotel room, scary boat crash, carnival rides, a few shakies, an infamous donkey, and, oh yeah, one big trophy! We'll be talking about this one for awhile! Thanks to our friends and family for making the trip and win memorable! Hope to see a large Riverbills crowd at New Athens, IL next weekend. Thanks for your continued support!

September 5th, 2012

It was a wet and exciting weekend in Wheatland, MO for the Lucas Oil Diamond Drag Boat Nationals as over 100 drag boats from across the country did their best to impress the large crowds and CBS Sports cameras!  Little John’s Motorsports competed in the 9.0 second Top Eliminator (TE) class which was the largest class of the weekend with 19 boats qualifying.   Friday’s test and tune session was cancelled due to poor weather conditions and Saturday’s qualifying rounds were shortened to just one round per class as the racers fought through a constant mist of rain and wind.  Even with the adverse conditions on Saturday, the drivers were ready and on their games as not one TE boat broke out (went faster than 9.000 sec) which made the brackets tight with all good qualifying times.  Randy Bicknese had a solid qualifying pass of 9.06 sec which placed him #3 out of 19 boats in the bracket.  The sun finally appeared on Sunday and the team was up early preparing for the early morning start as Randy’s class was the first called to the water at 8:30 am since they had the largest class with the most boats to compete that day.  The boat was tuned in, performing just as anticipated, and the team confidently breezed through the first two rounds of eliminations placing Randy into the quarterfinals.  In this third round however, Randy was nosed at the starting line by 0.1 seconds and couldn’t catch up to his competitor.  Even with the loss, Randy finished 4th to give Little John’s Motorsports recognition as a top 4 finisher.  Most importantly, the team earned valuable points for the season high points championship in three associations.  Randy now has a comfortable lead in the Kentucky Drag Boat Association, the St. Louis Drag Boat Association, and the coveted Lucas Oil National High Points Championship.  Randy can lock up the KDBA championship in this weekend’s race located in Hamilton, OH.  This is the first time that drag boats will be racing at the annual Great Miami River Days festival so the Little John crew is excited to be in the middle of the event which draws over 10,000 people.  The National Championship will be determined at the final points race of the season the weekend of September 14 & 15 located in ever-so-close New Athens, IL on the Kaskaskia River.  It’s an easy 1 hour 15 minute drive or motorcycle ride from St. Charles and is located at a marina which houses a bar & grill which usually provides music and good free entertainment during the evenings.  There will also be concession and beer stands open during the races on Saturday and Sunday.  Since the Creve Coeur Lake race didn’t take place this season, the New Athens race will be the home venue for the Little John’s Motorsports team.  We’d love to see all of our friends there cheering us on to victory and a National Championship!  Thanks for your continued support! Below are some pictures from Wheatland.

Ready for the water

Last check

Reaction time


August 15th, 2012

Kentucky Lake August 2012

Click on thumbnails below for larger version.

After qualifying Number 1 on Saturday Randy wound up in 3rd Place on Sunday.


July 8th, 2012

Kentucky update 7/9/2012

It was a hot and very competitive weekend in Kentucky Lake! All the drivers battled the heat and were surprisingly all on their games with amazingly good reaction times, all less than 0.05 sec during Sunday's elimination races. Randy and the Kwitchabitchin boat made it through 3 passes to earn a spot in the finals. The Little John's Motorsports team took runner up in the Top Eliminator class. Randy had runs of 9.007 and 9.003 sec on Sunday which is an incredible feat to be so consistently on your goal of 9.0 sec. The winner however pulled out a reaction time of 0.003 sec in the finals so we ended up in 2nd place.
It was a great weekend and our friends made the boat ride from St. Louis all the way to Kentucky Lake to cheer us on! Thanks for all of your support!



Click on thumbnails above for full size pictures.

It was hot on Kentucky Lake for qualifying on Saturday. But Randy and the Kwitchabitchin boat beat the heat and did great! Number 1 qualifier with a fantastic time of 9.003 sec. Wish us luck on Sunday!


Update: They wound up runner up on Sunday!


June 12th, 2012

Click to see larger pictures
click on the filmstrip to see the full size pictures

It was a rollercoaster weekend for the Little John’s Motorsport’s Kwitchabitchin team this past weekend at the Lucas Oil national race in Wheatland, MO. Things got off to a fantastic start on Friday during the test and tune session. Randy’s first pass was a solid 9.06 second run. The team did a little tuning and Randy pulled off a 9.01 second pass to end our Friday on a high note. Saturday’s qualifying rounds were a struggle, however, as the setup of the boat’s shaft was modified in hopes to better control the boat’s launch out of the hole to improve Randy’s reaction time at the starting clock. However, this adversely affected Randy’s ability to control the boat as it wanted to pull hard to the left. Randy fought the steering on the first qualifying pass and had to shut it down before the finish line as he clipped a buoy on the race course. The team worked hard all day to get the boat’s shaft back to its original setup and it took the remaining three qualifying passes to get it corrected. Randy ended up qualifying #5 which positioned us in the brackets for Round 1 against last’s years defending Wheatland Champion and the Lucas Oil Division 2 National Champion, a boat named “Ripsaw” from Texas. Randy had great reaction times on his last two qualifying runs so we felt confident going into Sunday’s elimination races knowing that if Randy could get past Round 1, he had great chance to win the whole thing. During the Round 1 race, the Ripsaw boat had mechanical issues at the starting line. Knowing that his competitor was nowhere near him, Randy let off the peddle on the Kwitchabitchin boat in order to not breakout (go too fast for the class, which is anything faster than a 9.000). His time was 9.22 sec which gave Randy the win, advancing him to the 2nd round. Just as our confidence was building, Mother Nature took over and brought windy conditions to the race course. The race was eventually called due to unsafe water conditions before Randy’s class made it back to the water for Round 2. In this type of situation, the final race standings are determined by the times from the previous round, in this case Round 1. Since Randy had lifted in the first round because his competitor had mechanical issues, Randy’s unusually slow time of 9.22 was used to place him and he ended up taking 3rd in his class. So the rollercoaster weekend ended on a somewhat disappointing, anticlimactic note knowing that we had a realistic shot to win. On a positive note, we didn’t break anything (except the golf cart) as the boat’s new engine and hull are looking and performing great! We have a few weekends to relax at the river and will be ready to go racing in Kentucky Lake the weekend of July 7 & 8! Good friends of ours from Lake Center Marina are making the trek to Kentucky Lake via boat so we’ll have a great cheering section. Their enthusiasm I’m sure will put the spark back in the team and lead us back to winning ways! Thanks again for all of your support!



June 4th, 2012

The Kwitchabitchin boat ran great all weekend and there were no issues
with the new engine and refurbished hull. In the semi finals on
Sunday, Randy had a better time than his competitor (9.08 vs 9.09
seconds) but he had a slower reaction at the starting line and lost the
heat. The Little John's Motorsports team finished in 3rd place for the
Kentucky Lake race.
The next race is this coming weekend, June 9 & 10, in Wheatland, MO at
the Lucas Oil Speedway. This is a national race and all of the best
teams from around the country will be competing including the top fuel
hydro boats that go over 250 mph. Randy had a great showing at last
year's inaugural race finishing 3rd out of 25 boats in his class. Come
cheer on the Kwitchabitchin team!

Diane Bicknese

. May 24th, 2012

JD at Port Charles

I really wish we could have pulled off a race win at Poplar Bluff last weekend, we were positioned to do so as number one qualifier and the only boat in our class running the 0.0x numbers on both reaction and elapsed time during qualifying Saturday. However, the new motor started showing signs of an internal problem late in the day Saturday so we parked it before breaking it again and we did not make to eliminations on Sunday. We are in the process of getting that engine problem resolved, that is just our luck sometimes.
Many thanks to JD and the Port Charles crew for getting the race boat hull put back together in such short order, it felt and performed perfect the first time out. I am confident in the hull again and feel safe in it. JD at Port Charles is the best fiberglass professional I know and trust in that situation. We’ll see how the next race goes, I think we are going to have another great drag boat racing season based on how the boat performed after making so many changes to it. Hope to see everyone at the Little John’s Motorsports Hog Roast Saturday afternoon. Be safe.
Randy Bicknese
“Lady Di”
Little John’s Motorsports

April 30th, 2012

2012 Team and Boat upside down

Our team got together today and our season officially started.
YES the boat is gutted and upside down!
When we get ready, WE START AT THE BOTTOM AND GO UP.
First race is May 19 th.
Watch River Bills or for details.
Little John

February 14th, 2012

Randy Bicknese and Little John Motorsports picked up their award for the 2011 season High Points Championship at the Kentucky Drag Boat Association's banquet this weekend. Randy, Little John, and John Morris were also recognized with the 2011 Super Charger award for all of the hard work they put in designing and fabricating the association's rescue boat. It was a great season for the entire team! Thanks to everyone for all of your support.

Randy Bicknese and Little John Motorsports picked up their award for the 2011 season High Points Championship at the Kentucky Drag Boat Association's banquet this weekend. Randy, Little John, and John Morris were also recognized with the 2011 Super Charger award for all of the hard work they put in designing and fabricating the association's rescue boat. It was a great season for the entire team! Thanks to everyone for all of your support.

Diane Bicknese

January 21st, 2012

SLDBS Awards Banquet

The Little John's Motorsports Team received the 2011 Top Eliminator High Points Champion award at the St. Louis Drag Boat Association banquet on Saturday January 21, 2012. We were also awarded the 2011 Top Eliminator High Points Runner Up in the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series. Thank you to everyone who came to the banquet with us and to everyone who has supported the team this past season. Stay tuned, we have the Kentucky Drag Boat Association awards banquet coming up in February and a bit of motor work to do to get ready for the 2012 drag boat racing season.

Randy Bicknese
Driver of Little John's Motorsports Kwitchabitchin


September 15th, 2011

New Athens turned out to be a very challenging end of the season race. Randy already clinched the high points championship for the Kentucky Drag Boat Association. Yea!! However, even though in the lead for both the Lucas Oil and the St. Louis Drag Boat Association championships, it was mathematically possible for Randy to lose those top positions. On Saturday’s first qualifying pass, he put up a sold 9.05 time. The weekend however became more taxing than anyone had anticipated on the second qualifying attempt. Catastrophic engine failure as a rod and a whole lot of other broken metal ripped through the engine and oil pan. No spare parts could ever fix what was broken and if Randy didn’t attempt to make a pass during bracket elimination racing on Sunday, both championships would automatically be lost. Do you say, “Well, that’s racing. Pack it up…we’ve had a great season.” Not this team!! We exhausted all of our possible options and accepted the offer of Wade Wallace, Ashly Ruf’s team, to get one of his engines from a drag boat he was trying to sell which was located down in Kentucky. Our friend and valuable crew member, John Morris, made a 7 hour road trip to get this engine and bring it back to New Athens. The guys worked through the evening and eventually got the new engine to fire up in the Kwitchabitchin boat around 1:30 am. Randy was able to get the boat in the water and made the first pass on Sunday in order to hold onto and capture the St. Louis Drag Boat Association’s Point Championship. This also was the clincher to save a Lucas Oil runner-up position.

Here are some pictures from the race showing the Kwitchabitchin boat without its engine and then a new one going in. Two High Points Championships and one Runner-Up is a great accomplishment. So proud of Randy, Little John, and the entire team.

Diane Bicknese


August 12th, 2011

CBS Sports Spectacular will be broadcasting the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series from Wheatland MO. that Little Johns Motorsports placed 3rd in. The TV schedule is for it to be aired on Saturday, August 20th from Noon to 1 PM CT. Here's a link to the schedule page on CBS Sports:

August 10th, 2011

Another great racing weekend for the Kwitchabitchin crew! It was a second place, runner up finish that puts Randy Bicknese way ahead of the competition for the KDBA (Kentucky Drag Boat Association) points championship. The most exciting and without a doubt the most important pass was the 2nd round of Sunday’s bracket elimination. Randy went head-to-head with one of the best reaction time racers in the business. Randy pulled out the win with his personal best 0.007 sec reaction time. The boat was very consistent all weekend as the times were all within 9.002 – 9.08 seconds in the 9.000 class. The next and final KDBA race of the season is August 27 – 28 in Livermore, KY. The season ends September 10 – 11 at the St. Louis Drag Boat Association’s New Athens, IL race.

August 2nd, 2011

Little John's Motor Sports at Wheatland, reposted from

Hi Bill,
It was a great, and extremely hot weekend! Randy, Little John, and the whole crew did a fantastic job at the national race in Wheatland! There were 24 boats in the Top Eliminator, 9 second class. Randy qualified 3rd on Saturday with a 9.010 time. Sunday's elimination races were tough as the rounds went on, the drivers got better and better and the sun got hotter. Randy beat 3 boats and made it to the semifinal round. He lost to a past national champ who had a near perfect start with a reaction time of 0.01 sec. 3rd place was quite an accomplishment though and Randy picked up valuable division points as his main competion in the SLDBA and the KDBA all lost in the 1st round. Thanks to our family, friends, and crew for all of your hard work and efforts. Special thanks to Dutch for all of his support.

The next race is this coming weekend at Kentucky Lake. Friday will be a special $10,000 shoot out race. Good luck team!

Diane Bicknese

July 11, 2011

2011 KDBA

Kentucky Lake, July 9-10: Back to back wins for Randy!  This time he beat last year’s Kentucky Drag Boat Association’s high points champion.  In the finals, Randy had a great start with a reaction time of 0.1 seconds and his opponent was never able to catch up.   He went on to win with a 9.06 in the Top Eliminator 9 second class. It was a hot weekend down in Kentucky but well worth all of the efforts of our race team.  Thanks to all of our family and friends who made the trip to support us.  Also, John Morris drove a licensing pass in Little John’s boat and made a very smooth 9.12 second run with a very solid reaction time.   

We are all excited for our next Lucas Oil race which will be held July 29 – 31 in Wheatland, MO for the Inaugural Diamond Drag Boat Nationals.  CBS Sports will be on hand as the fastest pilots on water try their hand on the World’s First Purpose-Built Drag Boat Lake located just south of the Lucas Oil Dirt Track in Wheatland, Missouri.  For this nationally televised event, come out and show the CBS cameras that Little John and Randy have the best cheering section!!

Your support is greatly appreciated!

June, 2011 Lucas Oil Race Creve Coeur, Won TE ! Click on thumbnail to see full size picture.

June 11, 2011


  Most of today was spent rebuilding our transmission properly.
It should take three hours, not thirty minutes.
All of our new parts came in, so we took out and cleaned all of the stuff that we begged, borrowed, and stole
from others that tried to help us at the time.

 Our gear box is back and better than before.
Today we went through the whole boat and we are ready.

                                    Little John


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