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December 30th, 2007

Hi All

It’s John from Little Johns Motorsports.
It is needless to say, that there is no racing news right now.
We have some routine maintenance to do, and a backup motor to build, as we can afford. But all and all, we are ready to go.

What I would like to do in this note, is say a special thank you to our sponsors for 2007.

Anne’s Signs and Lewis Boats
If you have seen our trailer and boat, the professionalism, and detail speaks for itself.
Anne can handle your lettering needs, no matter what the size.

St. Charles Boat and Motor
The people there have helped us in so many ways; it is tuff to name them all

Ward Tools
Trailer parts, bolts, tie downs, etc. They have, or can find, anything you might need.

There is not much I can say, but Thank You my friend.

Chiropractic Center of St. Peters.
John Spraul has worked hard in the pits, and in the office, to keep us in shape.

Stefaninas Pizzeria and Restaurants 636 272 3499
Again, a lot of help in many ways

The Law Firm of Thompson & Young 314 436 9603
These people set up my corporations to keep our team legal
They are also THE BEST DWI defenders in St. Charles Co. and St. Louis Co. you can find. (Handy piece of information there)

Darryll Weil
Darryll makes us so very proud of our website.

C & C Electric of Augusta Ga.
A special thanks to Alex.
His company was a local sponsor in Augusta.
He then flew to Phoenix to help crew for us at the world finals.

I probably need to give a special thanks to the people at Orchard Farm School Dist.
Ashly, and Jordan were given time in a couple situations, to get away and go race.
Also, Ashly’s sports coaches were a great help in getting muscles toned in the areas she needed to do her job right, and in a safe manner.

Last, but not least
I would like to welcome our newest sponsor
J.B. Fence LLC of Fenton Mo. 314 330 5811
In the 2008 season, you will see a lot of Joe Boyer
Their work is second to none.

In closing, I think you can see, by reading this, that we have no big money sponsors.
BUT, We so appreciate the help of the people named above.
We are #3 nationwide in our first season, and very proud of it.
If you, or your company might have a way of helping our team, no matter how small.
Please look at our website, and let us know.

The Family and Team of Little Johns Motorsports

December 6th, 2007

Hi All
Its Little John
I apologize for taking so long to report in after the world finals, but I have been pretty busy licking my wounds.
The down side to this report is, that after spending an incredible amount of money on a new and bulletproof engine,
we ran .003 (that is three thousands of a second) too fast in the first round of eliminations, and our race was over.
Let me explain what I feel are some of the reasons.
First, we are dealing with more power than we ever dreamed of.
Second, on our day of testing, it was windy and rainy, Ashly made every pass that she could, to 
get the engine broke in.
On the second pass, she had to back out to maintain control in the wind, (she nearly took out a track
marker) once under control, she was right back in the throttle again.
That showed me more common sense, and skill, than a few heroes who thought they could make it,
Third, in QUALIFING   A perfect pass, in our class, is a 10.000
We ran a 10.008. and were third place  (there were two 10.001s)
There were also 30 boats in our class.
With a pack that tight, we had to push the limit.
In that tune up, I thought we had a little forgiveness, but the engine just keeps getting stronger.
Although, we are disappointed about the finals, Little Johns Motorsports did not do badly.
We are High Point Champion in KDBA
We are #3 in SLDBA
We are #3 in IHBA 
For the 2007 season, with the setbacks that we had, we had a great season in our first year.
Now, I would like to share in how the trip went.
Keith, Teri, and Casey Ruf took one rig, and I took the other.
We left on Sat, allowing plenty of easy traveling, with Teri on board, and still be in Phoenix by Wed.
My Terrie, Ashly, Jordan, and Dona Spain flew out on Wed. night to meet us at the track.
With work, and school, that was the only option.
Their plane tickets were one way, so they could come home in the rigs, on Thanksgiving week.
We left the track on Monday morning for two days of camping in Salt River Canyon, buried deep in 
On Tues., we made Thanksgiving Dinner.
Deep Fried turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, corn, the whole deal.
All this was done right at the waters edge of The Salt River.
Please keep in mind, that Teri Ruf now has about 90% of her eyesight back
There are many pictures, but to see what she saw, and to be with her whole family
When we left the canyon, it was 82 degrees; we woke up the next morning in 4 inches of snow.
The trip home was slippery, but safe.
The Team and Family of Little Johns Motorsports

click here for a picture of Ashley competing at Phoenix

November 10th, 2007

Little John's Motorsports Drag Boat Team is headed to the 25th Annual Coors Light IHBA World Finals at Firebird International Raceway in Phoenix Arizona November 15th thru 18th, 2007.  Check back here for updates to see how Ashly and Kwitchabitchin are doing.  They are currently in 2nd Place in IHBA Division 3 and 7th Place in IHBA Division 2 Mod Eliminator class.

October 13th, 2007

 Its been a while since we have reported in.
 If you notice in the picture, Ashly has managed to get a piston upside down in the motor.
 A closer look will show that there is no cylinder wall around it.

click here to see picture of the blown engine


 But that is racing.
 We have another engine about ready, and we are gearing up for The World Finals.
 On Nov. 10th, we are leaving for Phoenix Arizona with both rigs.
 Ashly's mom Teri will also be with us for the entire trip.
 To give people an idea of the importance of this trip.
 Our team is High Points Champion In KDBA
 Our team is in 3rd place in SLDBA due to engine explosion
 Our team is #2 in IHBA with less than 100 point spread.
 We do not have to win, But if we place well in The World Finals
 WE WILL BE #1 IN THE NATION in our first real season together
 We have had some real setbacks this year, BUT have been so fortunate in so many ways.
 We have a lot to do, but we will be ready.
 Any support we can get will be appreciated.
 The Family And Team Of Little Johns Motorsports

September 4th, 2007

Another reminder for anyone that has a PWC, and would like to race it on a clock.
This coming weekend, Sept. 8th and 9th, in New Athens Ill. would be the place.
All you need is a helmet, and life jacket.
The cost is $25.00 for the whole weekend
There are four or five entered so far, and should be great fun.
This is also a IHBA race, We will be defending our #1 position in DIV. 3.
It is a co points race with SLDBA, We will be trying to improve on our #3 spot.
More important than any of this, We have a pretty good party planned for my birthday on Sat. night.
It is our last local race for the season, and only 75 miles from Woodland.
contact info: Telephone 636 250 4187   Email LITTLEJOHNSINC@aol.com

The Family And Team Of Little Johns Motorsports


August 29th, 2007

Well, we built another engine, and had it ready to race in one week.
Due to, what we thought, were tuning problems, was actually a bad ignition trigger.
It was probably damaged when the engine exploded.
It was Sun. afternoon before we really got the boat dialed in.
Although we did not do well in the race, I think we held on to our points status.
Please get the word out, that on the weekend of Sept. 8th & 9th there is a race in New Athens Ill.
It is a little over an hour drive from my house at Woodland.
At this race, the association is welcoming anyone with a PWC that wants to race the entire weekend for $25.00
It looks like a lot of fun for many of our local people to see what they can do.
For bragging rights, racers will have time slips and everything.
The only requirements are a life jacket, and helmet.
If interested, please call and leave a message at 636 250 4187, or email to LITTLEJOHNSINC@aol.com

The Family And Team Of Little Johns Motorsports

August 19th, 2007

 Hi All
We have Good news and Bad news
We have just arrived home from Livermore Ky.
Ashly Ruf, and Little Johns Motorsports are High Points Champion for 2007 in KDBA
Ashly also took the purse this weekend for fastest reaction time
In our last pass, the engine went off like a BOMB
Ashly is fine, all of our safety equipment worked, and the boat is OK
We spent most of the night , after some pouting, and a few tears, tearing the motor down
before we came home, we know the damage, and parts are ordered
We HAVE to build a motor, and be in Litchfield Ill, by this coming Friday.
We are #3 in SLDBA, we have to win one race, and place in another, to be #1
There are only three races left.
 I would like to take a moment to say thank you to a few people, and I really don't even know their names.
Most of the people that we race with, did not know that all we had to do was enter, to win the Championship.
We did acquire that many points.
Four individuals stepped forward last night, and offered to pull the motor out of their boat,and help put in our boat, so Ashly could run and win today.
That gesture meant more to me than winning the championship.
ALSO, a thank you to Scott, and his father, who drove about 8 hours, from Gadsden Ala. to help us.
 Ashly's mom was with us this weekend, and had a great time.
The eye surgery worked, and she can now actually watch Ashly go down the track
The pressure is on, but life could be a lot worse
 The Family And Team Of Little Johns Motorsports

August 13th, 2007

Hi All
It is Sun. night and we just got home.
We took 3rd. place in Evansville IL.
Our biggest problem for the weekend, was a bad spark plug in the golf cart
(We drive it around the pits, So Ashly's mom can watch her race, but mostly to show off)
Third place may not sound like much, but it is a very tough crowd.
We lost by 3 thousands of one second.
The boat was great, and Ashly was fantastic, as usual.
As an update to show how our consistency pays off, here are the standings
Teri Ruf (Ashly's mom) was not with us this weekend.
She is recovering from eye surgery last Thurs.  SHE NOW CAN SEE.
About 50 phone calls went back and forth, everyone checking up on each other
After the race today, the top of the engine was torn down, and checked as maintenance.
Everything is fine , and we are ready to go.
Next weekend, we, including Ashly's mom, will be in Livermore KY
The following weekend, we will be in Litchfield IL.
This will be a very good show,  (the whole city is involved)
If anyone has an afternoon to spend, it is only about 1 to 1 1/2 hour from home
 The family and team of Little Johns Motorsports

August 5th, 2007

Its Sunday night, and we just got home.
Ashly Ruf, of Little Johns Motorsports, Took First Place this weekend at Ky. Lake.
We were in third place in KDBA standings, We should now be High Points Champion for 2007

It has been a hard weekend, but I am so proud of my family and team. Everyone gave 200%

We all have to work this week, but we will be in Evansville Ill. next weekend Aug, 11th and 12th
It is about an hour and a half from Woodland, where we live.
This race is for points in SLDBA, Currently, we are in 4th,
Lets try to get some people out to cheer us on, and watch the show.
Maybe we can keep this roll going, and change that to #1

The Family And Team Of Little Johns Motorsports

July 23rd, 2007

August, Georgia

Ashly qualified 2nd in Kwitchabitchin and then went on to take 2nd Place in the finals at the Southern Nationals in Augusta, Georgia.  We are now headed to Gadsden, Alabama for the NDBA Division 4 and IHBA Nationals / Division 1.  Congratulations to Ashly and wish us luck in Gagdsen!

The team and family of Little Johns Motorsports

July 17th, 2007

click here to see a picture of the new motorhome

Our new rig is loaded and ready to go.
We are leaving on Wed. for Augusta Ga.
We race there on Fri. ,Sat., and Sun.
We are then going to Charleston SC. for a couple of days on the ocean,
and then have to be in Gadsten Alabama the following Thurs., for racing Fri. Sat. and Sun
We will be out about 10 days on this trip.
Ashly, and the boat are the best they can be.
Right now, we are #2 in the nation in
IHBA  div.2 and div. 3

On this trip, it will be myself, Terrie, Ashly, and Jordan, OUR PLATE WILL BE FULL.
We are planning for Keith and Teri to hook up with us in Gadsten, but 10 days our for Teri is a little too
long at this point.
Teri is doing great, and better every day. But let's not push it.
Please get the word out,  the support from home really helps

The team and family of Little Johns Motorsports

June 3rd, 2007

Kentucky Lake Race

Its Sun. nite about 10.00 and just got in
we CAN run two classes with the same boat and win
Teri Ruf was there to cheer her daughter on.

May 7th, 2007

I know it has been a while since you have heard from us, but until now, we have been unsure of a lot of directions.
There were about three days, in our team and family, of unknowing whether Teri was dead or alive.
After the heart wrenching devastation, of other people so very close to us, we are calling Teri Ruf’s brain aneurysm a nasty INCONVENIENCE.
In three months time, Teri has done remarkable, she still has her work cut out for her, for total recovery, but we all know that if anyone can, it will be Teri.
It is completely overwhelming, to me, to be able to make that statement.
Now let’s get down to business.
Our season will start with a television interview with Ashly, at Little Johns, on May 12th, by St. Louis Motor Sports Review.
On May 19th and 20th, will be racing on Lake Wappapello  in Poplar Bluff Mo.
On May 26th, we will have Little Johns Hog Roast 
On June 2nd and 3rd, we will race on Ky. Lake
On June 9th and 10th, will be racing in Creve Coeur Mo.  (Click here for the complete 2007 schedule)
I know the Con Trios Champagne Brunch is on Sunday, but you can see us on Sat.
After our INCONVENIENCE, our budget is on the thin side, but we will GET ‘ER DONE
If anyone would like to help in any way, or simply follow what we are doing, please email us at littlejohnsinc@aol.com


click here to see a picture of Ashly and her engine
February 1, 2007

I have had a couple of people express concern about Ashly, at her age, driving the race boat this season.
If I can, I would like to explain the safety procedures, and what we do to insure that she is safe when driving the boat.
Race officials inspect the boat at every race, we inspect it after every pass.
We race under very strict rules on the water, in a very controlled environment.
Examples are:
	No engines running on the track except the racers.
	Absolutely quiet water
	All gear worn by driver is totally fire proof (pants, shoes, gloves, jacket,)
	NASCAR type helmet restraints are mandatory (five point restraint)
	NASCAR type helmet is required
	Life jacket, including parachute, inspected every pass
	Double safety shut down on every system on the boat. (electric and fuel.)
	Fire suppression system on boat, and tow vehicle.

In the unlikely event, that something would go wrong, the race assn. has procedures to ensure the safest situation possible.
Examples are:
	Personal water craft tow vehicles!
	Emergency response and recovery boats!
	Professional divers in recovery boats, always in full gear!
	A race will NEVER take place without EMT staff on site!
	In most cases a Medivac is on site!

I would like to share a few things that Ashly has done mentally, and physically,  to get to where she is, after deciding she wanted to race.
Examples are:
	No alcohol or drugs, or she is out (in today’s world, a good incentive)
	A complete physical mandatory
	A very extensive involvement in her school sports activities, to stay fit.
Also, Ashly has maintained a 4.0 grade average since the first grade.

Ashly has been working with us for two years now, to learn, and know the equipment.
We raced her in the 2006 season in the personal water craft class, to get her familiar with the time clocks, and the holding ropes.
Ashly was high points runner up in her class in IHBA, for the 2006 season.
Some of you on the river may have heard us working with Ashly at 6.00 am on many mornings, when the water was quiet.
We all worked very hard on communication, launching, and knowing what to do when the unexpected happened.
We would put surprises in, to let her experience different situations.

I could go on and on, but Ashly is dedicated to doing this right, and we are dedicated to keeping her safe.
Having the nerve to do what she does, is only a small part of the picture.
Common sense, and the knowledge of her equipment, will make her a safe winner.

We are all very proud of our equipment, and very proud to have Ashly as our driver.
We enjoy showing our equipment and explaining it, to anyone.
We are always interested in comments, or concerns, and do welcome them.

Thank You,
Little John
Ashly Ruf
The Entire team and Family of Little Johns Motorsports

Monday. January 21st, 2007

Ashly Ruf received her award at the St. Louis Drag Boat Assn. dinner for runner up in her class in IHBA (International Hot Boat Assn.)

Since we returned from Phoenix, We have taken time from our schedule of work and school
to put a new coat of paint on the boat, freshen the engine, and a lot of polishing.

There is a reason for this.
Some people here know that we had Ashly try for her racing license in Phoenix.
She passed with flying colors, 1100 HP, going from 0 mph to 100 mph in 3.5 seconds
She is the youngest licensed female race boat driver in the nation
ASHLY RUF will drive my boat, KWITCHABITCHIN for the 2007 season.

Click on the picture below to see some pictures of Ashly receiving her award

Ashly's Full Track License Pass run in Kwitchabitchin

Saturday afternoon, we had a very proud moment in my shop.
The president of International Hot Boat Assn., who was in St. Louis for the awards banquet,
personally came out to my shop to meet every one, check out our equipment, and congratulate
Ashly and our team, for what we have done.
Moments like that are few and far between. We are all overwhelmed.

Things are happening very fast for us right now.
Assembling sponsorship, getting rigs ready, planning the race schedule, etc.
We ran 25.000 miles last year, in 14 events
With appropriate sponsorship, we plan a schedule, at least that aggressive.
Please check out our sponsors page on my website at Little John's Motorsports Sponsors

Little John
Little Johns Motorsports LLC