Email received August 21, 2007

Hi John.
This is from Patrick Hill of the K.D.B.A. rescue team. I didn't get to talk to you guys much before you all left Livermoore. Hope you had a safe trip home. You got out just in time. Geeeeezzz did it rain before we got the track torn down! I was very happy to see you guys win. No one deserves it more. You guys are one outstanding team. It was a pleasure to have you all with us this year. I think it was a very positive thing for all to see a family be a team, and a wining team at that works together so well. That's more of what K.D.B.A is about than anything, and you all fit in very well. You guys broke a motor. And yeah, there where people who offered theirs up. Well, that's just how it is there. A great bunch of people with strong, caring values. I guess that's what keeps me on the rescue boats, and working on the track all weekend. It's a very worth while cause due to the people involved. I hope to see you all back next year. I may come to New Athens, if not, wish you all the best luck for the rest of the season.  
Patrick Hill
K.D.B.A. rescue